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 How Do I Dispense Contact Lenses?

To generate a Contact Lens Order, click onto the Patient Record and click Contact Lens and choose Orders.

A window will appear showing all previous Contact Lens orders (if there are any).

Click onto New C/L Order and the window below will appear.

The bottom half of the screen shows the lenses prescribed. This is for information only and cannot be edited. In the top half:

Step 1: Choose the pack size, if the lenses are for a Trial / Px Supply, the quantity of each and any solution provided. This will update the prices.
Step 2: Choose from a Delivery Address of the Practice, the Patient or enter a new address.
Step 3: Use the Date Picker to choose a Required by Date.
Step 4: Enter any order notes if necessary.

Finally, press Save. An order will be generated which joins spectacle dispenses in the Orders screen, and the bill is posted to the Till

Note that there is also an option to allow an order to be marked as ‘Repeat’. Set the repeat cycle in months, then when the re-order date arrives a new order is automatically created. This is shown below.